There are many ways into yoga.
The Ashtanga Vinyasa method may seem too advanced if the body is weak, injured or unwell.
Bespoke classes taking into consideration goals and aspirations, lifestyle, state of the body (physical and mental) may be more appropriate ways in.
When yoga finds its way and becomes a regular practice that's when the magic truely begins.
  • Beginers Ashtanga Primary Series

    1 hr

    15 British pounds
  • Combining Stretching, Yoga and Fitness Training

    15 British pounds
  • Bespoke yoga session tailored to lifestyle & aspirations

    1 hr

    30 British pounds

2 x 2

Set an initial goal to practice twice a week for two weeks.

Book a package of

4 x1:1 sessions for £60.

You can schedule them anytime,

twice a week is only a suggestion.


What's included:

4 hours of 1:1 online tuition

A workplan of all the exercises and postures

Feedback & Advice


Are you committed and disciplined enough to follow

a regular practice but need some guidance?

A 20--minute yoga plan tailored to your specific needs and aspirations helping you look after your body, move with more ease and enjoy increased levels of vitality.

Free Video Clips

A collection of short instructional videos

General body conditioning exercises to help you build core strength and flexibility promoting health and vitality.


"Relaxing and powerful."

Nina, Athens / Greece

"I highly recommend Yanna because I not only really enjoy her classes but also I feel very energetic and powerful after each session. I love that she has taken the time and effort to create a routine that suits my preferences and body needs. Also, even though she does the exercises with me and explains in detail every move she pays attention to me and corrects my posture when needed. I never thought doing an online yoga class could be so fun, relaxing and effective."


"Yanna's classes are fantastic!"

Karen, Brighton / UK

"Yanna’s classes are fantastic with a balanced variety of poses, emphasis on breathing, and a challenge without being complicated. Yanna is thorough with her adjustments, does a good amount of demonstrating and is verbally clear. I would highly recommend her classes."


"Finally the yoga training that worked for me."

Nenad, London / UK

"I've been suffering from a lower back problem for years. I've tried various forms of exercise over the years, including yoga, but with little success until I worked with Yanna. Being mindful of my back condition, Yanna designed a programme for me that combines general stretching exercises with yoga, over time gradually introducing more demanding yoga poses.

It has been a huge revelation and relief for me to be able to work on strengthening my back and improving my flexibility without suffering pain and injuries which I know all to well from my past attempts. I've found Yanna to be very symphatetic and highly dedicated and knowledgabe as an instructor, not only about yoga, but also about anatomy and fitness more generally.

I highly recommend her classes and workshops."


"Clean and serene."

Amir, London / UK

"Yanna is the real deal! A positive, attentive and accomplished teacher/practitioner. She takes time to connect with everyone in the room and create a space that feels harmonious. She instructs very clearly and gives as much support as you need. A true professional, she's also a really nice person to boot! A great experience all round."


"Love Yanna's classes!"

Ismini, La Jolla / California

"I'm a beginner so a yoga instructor that is willing to explain and demonstrate in detail is important to me. Yanna does just that, in a friendly and encouraging way. She is knowledgeable and very clear in her instruction. I like that she relates each pose to the part of the body that it benefits. She's extremely fit herself and I feel very inspired when I work with her. At the end of our sessions I feel more flexible, calm and centered. I highly recommend her classes."

"Yanna was celebrating every single milestone with me!"

Vivian, Charlton / Massachusetts

"Although I am fairly new to the yoga practice realm, I can safely state that Yanna is an amazing yoga teacher. In my case, I have immensely benefited from Yanna’s teachings. I started as a rusted newbie and in the course of five months, I have observed a huge change in my body and, most important, in my psyche.  Back at the start, Yanna started by assessing my history as well as my physical/psychological status and proceeded by creating a tailored practice schedule to address my needs/issues. Personally, I was clueless.  However, not as clueless as to miss Yanna’s attention to detail, the diligence and dedication put on providing me with a full practice manual, session notes updated as needed after almost every practice, yoga related material with the purpose of keeping me updated and interested, various articles and publications, inspirational music and so much more.


Yanna gracefully and steadily introduced me to the importance and correct practice of breathing, she kept feeding my confidence by gradually providing proof of my body’s amazing capabilities, she meticulously explained everything she practiced or introduced during our sessions – which in turn made me feel safe enough to start surrendering when time for that came, she made sure I enjoyed every single pose, effort, victory, and, most important, Yanna was celebrating every single milestone with me!


It is the first time in my life that I have started and loved practicing some self-love so much!  And, for that, I have Yanna to thank!!!"


"She creates a safe environment where yoga practice finds the right balance between wellness and effort."

Claire, Rheims / France

“Thanks to Yanna's well rounded teaching I have made a major breakthrough in my yoga practice that I would like to share here: I have overcome fear without having taken risks. Due to my lack of flexibility, middle age and numerous injuries from sports, I arrived on the yoga mat late in life with apprehension, overprotecting myself to avoid further injuries, and considering many poses out of reach from the start. Yanna's teaching has helped me remove these imaginary obstacles. She creates a safe environment where yoga practice finds the right balance between wellness and effort. She does this in many ways which I am not sure to be able to identify all, but here are some notable ones: her clear instructions, her personalised attention, her mindfulness, her beautiful voice, her right rythme. In addition, she is a lifelong learner who shares her insights generously with her students to help in their continuous empowerment. So, this is more of a huge thank you note than a review! Looking forward to attending more of your classes and workshops!”