Notes on daily rituals that empower and nurture. Ideas on how to apply structure, colour and purpose.

Writing things down

From the 5 years I was at Art School I picked up a valuable habit and that's to keep a sketchbook which in later years took the form of Notebooks.


I write down everything: shopping lists, mental maps, UX, architecture, lifestyle, health and nutrition, new exercises or notes on yoga practice. I write down recipes I read in books or magazines or from observing my friends cook delicious meals; I write down quotes or entire passages that deeply inspire me, reminding me of what matters.

Journal writing

Document your life

I started my first journal aged 13 and kept writing consistently till the age of 33 when I got married. After my divorce aged 38 I wrote sporadically but always kept Notebooks.


Write down your ideas

Planning, visualising, sketching, have all inspired the many paths I have taken and all pretty much can be traced back to some note I wrote down somewhere (paper, napkin, matchbox, old utility bill) that led to some course, person or place.

Creative Writing

Experiment with different styles

You will never know what your writing can become unless you begin experimenting with different forms.


I have taken two courses in Creative Writing: one in Auckland with John Cranna at the Creative Hub (2015) and the other in London with Lucy Caldwell at the Faber Academy (2019). Both have been challenging but incredibly empowering and they made me see glimpses of the potential we all have if only we practice daily and allow to play and experiment, to be fearless and bold.

What eventually emerges

What emerges are common themes around living a fulfilling life. They all contain ideas and experiments on how to look after yourself. Discovery is at the core whether it's cooking a meal, planning a holiday or registering on a course.

Pranayanna Kitchen

I have been experimenting with recipes for a while from snacks and coffee treats to entire meals always striving to include wholesome ingredients full of nutrients leaving you feeling light and energised.

My cooking has been inspired by a lifestyle where yoga and physical activity are central. Lockdown or not I dedicate at least 1h to daily exercise whether it's yoga, cycling, stretching, swimming, running or dancing (last two less so now but huge when younger).

I have also been inspired by Dr. Libby and my yoga teacher training in the way I mix ingredients to produce healthy meals.

Pranayanna Self-Care

Little treats we could be offering ourselves on a daily basis. These could include looking after our body (from basic to luxury body-related treatments) to buying fresh flowers and placing ourselves in environments and situations that charge us with energy, positivity and inspiration.

Vitality, Discovery, Adventure, Relaxation, all play a big part in my life.

Pranayanna Dreaming

Everything begins with a dream and then it's simply a process of planning and prioritising on how to make it happen without getting initially too bothered with the logistics. It will all sort itself out.

I have made this a lifetime achievement. Getting very good at this:)

I also keep it real; yes, I will fulfil my dream of feeling like a ballarina, that doesn't mean I will look like one or dance like one but it will still feel amazing and enrich and inspire other areas in my life :)

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