Notes on daily rituals that empower and nurture. Ideas on how to apply structure, colour and purpose to long days inside:)

Purification rituals

Treat your hair

Rinse hair with warm water and ceremoniously apply a deep conditioner by dividing the hair in smaller sections and gently massaging the entire length from root to ends and then twisting till your entire head is covered. Put a plastic cap on and leave in for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes take the cap off and shampoo and condition as usual.

The entire day your head will emanate a beautiful smell around you which will promote calm and a sense of well-being.

Soft & fluffy

I never comb my hair - only when wet with conditioner on - so every 4-5 days. As a result it gets tangled and dread-locky with sweat (from yoga) and rain (this is England). Taking time to do this treatment makes my head literally feel lighter.

Phillipe Kingley & NATIO

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer was recommended by my dear friend and hair specialist Athina Minioti, co-owner of the distinguished Hair Salon chain 'Andreas' in Athens.

NATIO is a brand I've known and loved since 2006 when I first came across it in Melbourne.

Great smell

Great smelling hair can be powerful. It gently hits you when making a sudden movement or feel the heat building up in your body after practicing.


Immerse yourself in the great smell of a hair treatment or spray your favourite essential oils after mixing them with a base oil such as olive, almond, sesame or avocado.


For healthy looking hair ensure you trim a little every two months.

Tone, detox and balance with yoga

Setting a regular time for yoga practice at home provides structure and a sense of purpose. A minimum of 20 minutes daily benefits the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems directly leaving you feeling energised yet calm, positive and content.


You can mix it up to provide a bit more variety. Some days you can move more vigorously holding poses for no more than five breathes, continuously moving with the breath from one posture to the next in a very precise sequence (Asthanga Vinyasa). Other days, you can choose the poses you want to work on, stay in them for longer (10-20 breathes) focusing on correct alignment with the aid of props (Iyengar).

Early in the morning the body is more stiff so requires a higher degree of motivation but it does set you up for the day and feels great afterwards. In the afternoon your body will be naturally more capable. The whole experience will be rewarding and joyful with less effort.

Try both and see what feels better when.

Ensure you hydrate before and afterwards and not during your practice.


Youtube Channel

The Pranayanna Youtube Channel is a collection of short videos with exercises and yoga sequences that can be practiced on a mat, against a wall or a chair.

Is aimed at all levels and abilities promoting health and vitality.

1:1 instruction can be booked online and is currently only available via Zoom.

A bespoke program can be created to address your specific needs and aspirations which you can then take away home and practice in your own pace.

Surround yourself with flowers

The whole ritual of going to your favourite florist or visiting a flower market selecting the textures, colours, shapes and smells that best fit the mood of the day or the week is a profoundly healing and meditative practice in its own right.

If you have your own garden what a treasure to go out and admire them or bring some of the magic back inside.

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